Women Choose Stations That Understand Them and Connect With Them Emotionally

Women Choose Stations That Understand Them and Connect With Them Emotionally

One of the key ways to build a successful brand with women is to connect with them in emotional ways and show an understanding for them, and if you do those things, they will reward you with more usage. We find in our What Women Want Study™ done in partnership with Alan Burns & Associates that women value being really understood and connecting with their favorite station.

Women need to feel understood, and if they do, they will reward you with more usage.

% Agree Light Listener Heavy Listener
“Your favorite radio station for music understands you…”
MORE than other brands you like 33% 52%
The same as other brands you like 41% 33%
Less than other brands you like 12% 5%

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Keep in mind the above question isn’t asking women how they feel about their favorite station compared to all other brands they are familiar with; it is asking them to compare their favorite with other brands they LIKE. With that in-mind, these results are even more impactful.

Here is another way to look at it. This next chart shows that usage indexes directly with the level to which a woman feels her favorite station understands her very well.

TSL increases with understanding radio

The added bonus is that when you connect with these women who are heavy users of radio, you are more likely to reach “opinion leaders” who influence those around them.

Opinion leaders are more likely to be heavy radio listeners

Create an “Escape”

Helping listeners escape. This is the factor most women 15-54 “strongly agree” with as a driver of their radio usage.

Why women listen to the radio

When we ask heavy users what causes these women to choose to listen to radio, the number one reason cited by heavy users is “to just escape or improve my mood” and indexes much higher than light users.

What drives heavy radio listening?

An “escape” doesn’t have to mean a relaxing feeling. People “escape” with a laugh or with upbeat music. A winning brand promises an environment that goes beyond playing the right songs. The question is if your station makes that type of promise and if it consistently delivers on that promise.

Listeners in our focus groups have talked about the benefit of being able to move from one station to the next throughout the day as their mood changes. They like that they can instantly surf from one mood environment to another. That is radio’s wheelhouse.

We suggest conducting a “mood audit” of your station and ensure that your station stays consistent and delivers on its promised vibe.