What Women Want™

What Women Want™


Discover the key findings from a new national study of women’s attitudes and usage of radio and online music services.

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Alan Burns and Associates, in partnership with Strategic Radio Solutions, will begin releasing results of a new national study of women’s media consumption next week. The study, the latest in a series began by Burns in 2010, will profile women’s attitudes toward and usage of radio, online streamers, music and other media.

The Burns/Strategic Solutions study has been released in four parts, and is available to view for free online now.

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Alan Burns and Associates has provided strategic and tactical advice to radio broadcasters and other media for over 30 years.

Strategic Solutions Research provides strategic research, music testing, interactive focus groups and sales research to radio and TV brands in markets like New York and Los Angeles, as well as in 24 countries, and is the company of choice when you need Clarity, Answers and Solutions.