Strategic Studies

The Brand DNA Study™ & The Strategic Market Study™

The Brand DNA Strategic Study™


This is a broad market study conducted to measure brand performance and the level of a radio station’s listener engagement, in order to determine the best strategy moving forward.

This study will show the current performance of the product in relation to the potential of that product category, and whether further growth will come from product adjustments, marketing or both. This study will also allow for investigation of other format directions, and we will evaluate if other formats might yield greater potential than the current direction.

The Brand DNA Study™ will showcase the factors that are your Key Brand Drivers – the things that truly influence first-choice listener decisions. We will also uncover how your brand is perceived in these key areas.

Our report also includes a Brand Health Chart, which rates your radio station from 0-6 stars, and it gives a crystal-clear view on the strength of your brand.

The Strategic Action Plan will be designed as collaboration between our strategists and your management team, so everyone is invested as a partial designer of the plan.

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Here is How This Study Impacts Your Success

As part of any strategic research study, we put together a Strategic Action Plan in collaboration with you and your management team, so everyone is invested as a partial designer of the plan.

Clients use The Strategic Action Plan as their navigational document to stay on-track.

The Plan consists of:

  • Connector.

    The Goal

    A time-bound definition of how success will be defined (market position, growth in share, reach or awareness).

  • Connector.


    What you need to be ‘famous’ for.

  • Connector.

    Product Goals

    What specific product actions need to be taken and who will be responsible for those (with time-bound requirements).

  • Connector.

    Promotion Goals

    The promotional/PR tactics necessary to drive the strategy.

  • Connector.


    Do you have the resources available to properly invest in achieving the goal?

The 30/30 Meeting occurs as a check-up on the Strategic Action Plan thirty days after the meeting, to ensure that the plan is on-track.