Television Testing

Moment-by-Moment Testing of Television News & Entertainment


When do viewers become engaged and when do they drift away? With our hand-held dial technology, you can SEE the emotional reactions of viewers. In addition, you can see exactly when they would leave altogether, featuring the industry’s only ‘tune-out’ button.

Viewer reaction is converted into an EKG graph. At a glance, you will SEE how viewers FEEL.

In addition to analyzing the moment-by-moment results of your content, we uncover WHY viewers reacted as they did.

Head-to-Head Product Testing

Measure “Relative Product Quality” between your newscast and your competitors at the same time period. Who wins and why?

Prototype Testing

If you have ideas for a couple of ways to approach your newscast or other programming, we can measure the effectiveness of one prototype over another.

Ad Testing

Test your television commercials to ensure it captures viewer attention and reaches its objective, whether it be behavior or perceptual changes with consumers.