Interactive Music Testing

Moment-By-Moment Music Dial Testing for Radio Stations

Electronic Music Testing™

The Electronic Music Test utilizes our interactive dial technology in an auditorium environment.

Our EMT is not just a music test – it is a full diagnostic check-up on your brand and a tactical piece of research to support your strategy. Our dial is the only one in the industry to measure “burn” and “unfamiliarity” in addition to 0-100 appeal. You get it all.

In addition, you do not merely receive a full library music test; you can also test sample “Monitor Pod” hours of your station’s actual programming compared to the exact same hour on your competitors. The result is a measure of “Relative Product Quality” between you and the other guys.

Listeners’ votes are measure moment-by-moment on an EKG-style graph on the screen, so you can literally SEE how listeners feel – instantly.

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Beyond Song Surveys and Music Testing

What’s more is you can test talk content, moment-by-moment, as a coaching tool for your on-air personalities. Read more about our moment-by-moment Content Analysis and how it can transform your personalities’ effectiveness.

Our team presents our findings and leads a Strategic Music Sort the day after data collection, so the results can impact your station within 24 hours of the music test or song survey.