Find Out What Women Want

The New Groundbreaking Findings to be Revealed in Thursday’s Webinar

Half of all women now say that they can foresee a day when they don’t need to listen to music on the radio. That’s one of the statistics that will be discussed this Thursday as we release in conjunction with Alan Burns and Associates the first set of data from our national consumer survey “What Women Want 2017 – Insights into Music, Radio, and New Media.”

Also, more than half (58%) of the women in the study agree with the statement that “radio is kind of old, online music is what’s hot now.” That sounds alarming, but what we will also point out on Thursday is that women do NOT want to see radio go away. Far from it. More than three-quarters of all women say their favorite radio station feels like a good friend or even their best friend!

What we’re seeing is that women are distinguishing between the device and the content; that is, between radio in general and their favorite radio station. Radio is, indeed, an old technology, and there are other avenues for music delivery. But when you talk about a specific brand, which is what a favorite radio station is, there is a deep well of affection.

Our groundbreaking “What Women Want” survey includes 2000 women 15 – 54 and we measure their attitudes toward and usage of radio, music tastes, and usage of other media at home, at work, and in connected cars. Results are being released in a series of four webinars, with the first scheduled for this Thursday, February 16 at 2pmEastern/11am Pacific.

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Alan Burns and Associates has provided strategic and tactical advice to radio broadcasters and other media for over 30 years, and we are delighted to partner with them on this important research.

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