Engagement 360™

Engagement 360™ Online Research


Reach Your Listeners Where They Are

Finally, you can engage listeners whenever and wherever they are most open to giving their opinions. Our online survey tool provides a great survey experience for listeners who can take a survey on their mobile phone or PC.

We have a decade and thousands of surveys worth of experience in online research to ensure your online research is a solution you can trust.

Feel Secure About Who is Taking Your Survey

You no longer need to worry about who is taking your online survey. We employ a multi-level security and verification system to ensure respondents are who they say they are.

Identify Your Pure Core and Flag Outliers

Our Pure Core Analysis finds the consumers who are truly your music core listeners – no matter what station they say is their favorite. This is a critical secret weapon to help find your real fans without respect to your other brand elements.
We analyze the song scores of each respondent relative to everyone else to identify the Pure Core 50% of the sample – the center of the bullseye with the tightest agreement on the music.
We also pinpoint the 15% of the sample who are Outliers and have low agreement with the rest of the group.

How to Deploy Engagement 360™

Library Music Test

Our library music tests online provide a cost-efficient option without sacrificing quality. We use a “mixed methodology” of online panel and local telephone recruit.

Weekly Current Music Tests

Our team manages an outside recruit on your behalf and delivers the results to you just like traditional ‘callout’ research.

DIY Subscription

You can conduct your own surveys using your database of listeners. You will be surprised how easy it is to launch your own surveys and view the results. You’ll be launching your own survey in minutes!

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