About Us

Get to know the team behind Strategic Solutions Research™

Our Background

Many of the world’s biggest brands in radio, TV, digital and entertainment use us for:

  • Strategic Research
  • Brand Engagement Evaluation
  • Brand Tracking
  • Library Music Testing for radio, audio media and live performance
  • Current Music Testing (“Callout”)
  • Moment-by-Moment Testing of TV and Video Content, Audio Content, Speeches and Mock Juries
  • Smartspotz Ad Testing

Why Do Top Media Brands Choose Us As Their Strategic Partner?

Strategic Solutions Research™

Our goal in each situation we work in is to provide clear, custom strategic solutions that help the client reach their objective. This is our core competency and we’re passionate about it.

Our team is comprised not only of researchers but of strategists who have experience in product, marketing and management of media brands. Our team has worked with many of the best managers, programmers, and news directors in media today.

This experience helps us design actionable, relevant research that impacts success. In short, we do not just provide research, we present solutions.


Our team has unparalleled experience in strategic brand research in most major US markets, as well as in 24 countries worldwide.

From LA to London, Manhattan to Moscow, we have provided strategic expertise to brands both large and small.

We also have extensive experience in assessing spoken word content, consumer engagement and identifying music trends.

Action Planning

Knowledge is power; but the power is only realized when a clearly defined plan of action is put into place. We work with our clients in a collaborative process to develop a five-part Strategic Marketing Model that helps the client to stay focused on the things that will impact the brand and help them reach their goal.

With every aspect of the Research Plans we assemble for our clients, we pride ourselves on conducting research that is ACTIONABLE, first and foremost.